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Hey there!

I'm Ezra Feldman, a lifelong creator and builder. I'm always pushing and challenging the boundaries of my creativity and technical skills by working with different mediums.
Over the years I've honed my design skills by paying close attention to the finest details, compositions, and proportions which results in polished and well-executed designs.

Aside from work, friends, and family, you'll likely find me sketching while my 3D printer hums in the background. I'm deeply passionate about my craft and dedicate every day to refining and enhancing my skills.

Student Projects

Come explore my project throughout my degree


I'm Ezra Feldman, an industrial designer who is passionate about creating products that not only serve a functional purpose but also bring a smile to your face. Through my work, I aim to combine function, humor, and aesthetics to create designs that are both practical and delightful.





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